It's all in the box

The advantage of the highly efficient Kanban system with two or more cases is that it enables you to have an orderly storage and a continuous availability of the daily necessary parts.
Thus the required storage space is reduced, as well as the accumulation of capital for this purpose.

We develop the concept in cooperation you, so that it suits the quantities required by your company. The optimizing of your supply process saves you money and time.

Supplying small parts is a hard job and implies a remarkable expenditure of time.

Inadequate or insufficient supplies of daily necessary fasteners slow down production, while surplus in purchasing overcrowds your warehouse. Regardless of the cause of such errors in supply, the waste of money and time due to them can be avoided by using a KANBAN system.

The vital step towards installing a KANBAN supply system is a careful analysis of the suitable categories of products, as well as the required delivery time, place, quantity, marking of goods and data transmission. This ensures that the logistics services we offer you are at its most efficient, meaning that there is a healthy and continuous rotation/readiness and refill of your most used fasteners. KANBAN focuses on the actual usage, necessity and flow of the items.

Using precisely definite steps we control and refill the respective range of goods. The data is gathered with the help of scanners and transmitted via EDI. For a rigorous discipline of the overall process, we will provide you with standardized containers for the goods.

You can choose between our three types of KANBAN programs – Standard, Comfort and Premium – depending on your requirements.

If you are considering starting a KANBAN program in your company, we are always ready to give you counseling in the field and a tailor-made offer.