Each quantity is possible

Are you searching for screws, nuts, stud screws, bolts or washers?
The whole range of fasteners is part of our daily trading business.

When it comes to materials, you can choose between diverse types of steel or other materials like brass, copper or plastic. Our delivery department will supply you with the exact number of pieces you need, all carefully packed. Our reliability and punctuality are at your service: when time is a problem for you, we can even deliver within 24 hours or overnight.

We do not deliver only standard screws and fasteners, but also parts with unusual measurements

Our products include parts with diameters starting from an M 2 up to an M 120 and within the property classes from 5.6 up to 14.9, as well as with different types of thread like UNC, UNF, Whitwort, acme thread and metrical fine thread.

For the surface of our fasteners we offer various coatings:
You can also choose from a large spectrum of materials: