We manufacture to your measurements

If you need an element that varies from the standard or a part that has to be manufactured entirely according to a drawing, we will happily counsel you extensively. Rest assured that we will find the most suitable solution to fit your to requirements. You can choose from various techniques of manufacturing, such as twisting, countersinking, drilling, polishing and thread rolling, as well as superior coatings.

Stamped parts

We deliver stamped parts, washers and sheet metal parts with laser-made cuts or flame-cuts, from a palette of materials.

Turned parts

Either in single pieces or in middle-sized sets, turned parts can be delivered to you in a wide range of diameters and material quality.

Countersunk parts

We also supply parts made according to challenging designs or through multilayered processing with a high degree of precision.

Special screws

Our company can provide you with special screws made exactly as you require, in respect to physical characteristics and to materials or types of alloy.